5th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI)

The 5th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) took place in Amsterdam in May 2017 and was attended by researchers, institutional leaders, administrators, funders, publishers and others who are committed to promoting integrity in research.  The conference program explored “the challenges of promoting transparency and accountability and the consequences of the failure to do so, with the overall goal of developing an evidence-based agenda for addressing lapses of integrity.” Plenary sessions, keynote lectures, concurrent sessions, and symposia covered an array of topics related to research integrity, ethics and compliance.  A deep poster section grouped posters into themes such as “RCR Education”, “Research Culture”, “Detecting and Managing Allegations”, and “Publications and the Media”.

The 5th WCRI agenda included multiple sessions on training and education in the responsible conduct of research, providing data generated through studies conducted around the world.  Presenters discussed the use of novels in teaching about scientific misconduct, how humorous visuals affect learning performance, and approaches to training lay people with no background in research.

The conference challenged attendees to think about research integrity as an academic, institutional, and community responsibility.  Presenters discussed research waste and the detrimental effects of sloppy science, unpublished research results, ‘spam conferences’ and predatory journals.

During two conference focus groups and as part of the final conference closing session, the Amsterdam Agenda was developed.  The Amsterdam Agenda is an effort to assess efforts to promote integrity in research and was posted for comments, with a final version to be issued in summer 2017.

More information about the 5th WCRI program, including some PowerPoint presentations, is available at http://www.wcri2017.org/program .

Written by:
Lynda Mules, MLA, CIP, CCRC
Associate Director of Research Compliance
John Jay College of Criminal Justice


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